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360 FMA


1135 Merrillville Rd.,  Crown Point. 46307

Call: (219) 661-0360

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This program is offered to students age 13 through adult. Adult Kenpo is a fully belted system with a heavy emphasis on techniques and sparing. This program offers 11 katas, 141 self-defense techniques, basic skills, breaking and sparing. While our school’s lineage lies within the Tracy system the curriculum is structured in the tradition of Ed Parker. The curriculum takes from both the Tracy and Parker system’s. It’s important to understand that ALL American Kenpo is derived from Ed Parker himslef. The Tracy system came into existence after Mr. Parkers death and remains in it’s entirety today.

While there is much debate as to these two system’s differences one thing remains consistant throughout both and that is self-defense. As Ed Parker advanced his system he began to realize that it was difficult for students to master the high number of techinques per belt so he reduced them over time. The Tracy’s wanted to bring back the original Parker structure that was heavy on techniques so they developed a system that looked more like Parker’s original program. We feel that at 360 FMA we have found strong middle ground in this area. Techniques have been reduced from Tracy’s original format but the techniques taught are some of the best from both systems. We have eliminated many of the variations that the Tracy system employed. Many are still taught but some have been incorporated into the techniques themselves. Our goal with this class is to offer a solid slef-defense martial arts program that offers everything the student needs to build strength and confidence while training them for a real life sittuation in which they may need to defend themselves.  



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360 fma