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360 FMA

mighty ninjas

1135 Merrillville Rd.,  Crown Point. 46307

Call: (219) 661-0360

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This program is offered to children ages 6 and 7 and is a step up from Tigers both in discipline and physical demand. Students in this program learn the 5 animal katas, basic skills, sparing and self defense. As with all of our training students perform drills and exercises to strengthen their core and improve coordination. Students also learn a detailed curriculum on stranger and bully awareness. However, since these children are older and larger than our tigers they will be confronted differently by bullies and strangers and for this reason we have to train them differently.

Children in this class learn the importance of good communication skills and how to set safe boundries and space with people they don’t know. This is the first fundamental skill all kids need to develop to be safe and stay away from people that could be potentially dangerous to them even if the stranger seems like a “nice” person. These students are also taught techniques that could save their life in an abduction attack. We teach proven methods that help children deal with an adult attacker so they can get away and get help fast. We understand that children can’t use karate to defeat a larger, stronger attacker like an adult. They need skills of a different set to slant the odds in their favor and give them the time they need to get to safety and more importantly back to their parents. We teach these skills to every child in our school.



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360 fma